POP Mama POP! was started in my kitchen at home when I learned how to make kettle corn for a harvest party. After that I began making popcorn as a snack for gatherings with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the yummy popcorn so much I started giving it away for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. This is when I realized I had a special, wholesome snack that I wanted to share with others. The idea was born!

One afternoon I was sitting in my backyard with my then, 2-year-old son while he was pushing a toy popper around. He stopped looked at me and said, "Pop Mama pop." His comment clicked and that's when I knew exactly what to call the company. The company was named!

In 2012, I started commercially popping only heirloom variety popping corns. My yummy and healthy treat became available at local produce markets, online, at events, and concessions counters. Since then POP Mama POP has expanded and we served popcorn at Superbowl 50, Make-A-Wish Foundation Galas, and other exclusive events around the Bay Area.

The snack is enjoyed!

As our reach has grown, so have our flavor options! Starting with kettle corn, POP Mama POP has now expanded to offer tenregular flavors with additional seasonal flavors throughout the year. 

I hope that as you grab a handful of our tasty popcorn, you'll enjoy the delectable experience of snacking on fresh, locally sourced, and naturally flavored popcorn.  

Lovingly - Kathleen Hackett
Kathleen Hackett, Founder POP Mama POP!